Antonio Brown “Mr Big Chest.”

If you are a sports freak like myself, then you probably understand what the heck is going on with the situation between Antonio Brown and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Me being a DIEHARD Steelers fan, it hurts because once again my Team is in sports news, that doesn’t indicate news like “Steelers Win the Super Bowl,” and it is more as “Antonio Brown and the Steelers officially agree to part ways.”

This kind of news hurts being a Steelers fan but it was the best for both parties. With Brown not showing up for practices and not playing or even being at the final game of the Pittsburgh Steeler’s Season, I think I can safely safe I’m glad we are moving on.

But it just feels like a sudden divorce in a marriage after nine outstanding Years. Brown told the media that him and Ben Roethlisberger weren’t getting along at all and that he said Ben has an “owners mentality.”

If Antonio Brown is getting upset with Big Ben for telling him what to do, or how to run his routes, then how in the world is he going to play for any team in the NFL?

Oh and he wants guaranteed money, as well.

All I have to say is this; I’m pissed off but okay at the same time. The Steelers and Brown had a terrific nine Years together and I hope he does well where ever he ends up and it’ll help the Steelers fill some Defensive Gaps.

And you know what they say, Denfemse Wins Championships. And it seems like the Pittsburgh Steelers need that and an absolute miracle if they want to be anywhere near the Super Bowl next Season.



Check out @JamesConner_’s Tweet:

James Conner….

The running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The person who survived Cancer and fought his way back and fought his way into the NFL. Surely enough, he even played College Football Ball at The University of Football (at least he got to stay home almost all of the time in the NFL).

He fights every day to help people who have Cancer and especially the ones who are going through Chemotherapy. He is an all around good person who puts in a ton of work and just wants to make a name for himself on the field.

….and he has.

James Conner is full filling the Running Back position for the Pittsburgh Steelers with the absent of Le’veon Bell who is still holding out.

He isn’t the Le’Veon Bell type but he is a solid Running Back who makes plays but most importantly, plays the Game very, very hard. And also has a few 100 Yard Rushing Games this Season.

His stats so far for the 2018 Season are 84 Carries, 342 Yards and 5 Touchdowns.

It may not seem like off the chart numbers but he is doing all he can to help the Steelers Win. And right now the Pittsburgh Steelers may have find their groove….

And they may have just found their new Running Back.


Joseph Potts

Is The PlayStation Vita Officially Dead?

The PlayStation Vita. A handheld console that was ahead of its time at the time. It was cool, bulky (the newer models were slimer but we’ll get to that soon), entertaining and was another New-Gen handheld that was made by the minds of Sony. It was Sony’s upgraded version of their previous handheld, the PlayStation Portable (PSP). Games were made quickly and released fast. You had the option of buying a physical copy (the little game cartridges they used) or downloading a digital copy from the PlayStation store. You could surf the web, play multiplayer games online with your friends or others around the world. Listen to music, watch videos, etc. Oh, and it was even TOUCHSCREEN.

But then it changed. Everything stopped……no one really cared about it anymore. People just got bored with it. Despite the THOUSANDS of titles released, LOTS of people put the console down. Whether it was lack of consistentsy of the games being made and released or Nintendo’s version of their own handheld was more intriguing, it just simply went under.

Or did it?

Some people say yes it did, for good. Some people say no, only in the West it died and is still alive and kicking in Asia. Both are true statements. It has died significantly in the West. Sony said they aren’t making Games for the handheld anymore. Usually only if they are an indie company making it and seeing if it will succeed on the Vita. In Asia on the other hand, Game makers are still making Vita Games like crazy. (I am a HUGE Vita junkie. I have 2 of them myself, so I still have love for the Console). Whether they are only in Japanese or Japnanese and English, Asia is still finding ways to make their people happy and provide them with good Vita Games. But you might ask yourself, “what is going on with the West and why did they stop?” Many people have many different answers when it comes to that, but if you want to get technical, it’s because Sony doesn’t want to make them anymore in the U.S. Japan seems to know what the people want as they continue releasing Vita Games out the “you know what.”

Others say it died once people started finding out the the INSANE prices for the memory cards that you can buy to upgrade your storage.

The prices are: (Wal-Mart prices that I found online and they could vary from different places but could be in the same price range). 4GB- $20.48. 8GB- $34.99. 16GB- $44.66. 32GB- $94.76. 64GB- $109.99. You are probably thinking to yourself “gees, that’s a lot for memory cards for the Vita and why is it so much?” Personally, I think it’s from Sony thinking the Vita would be a lot more successful and more Games would be made over here in the West and the prices for the memory cards would have balanced that out. But again, prices like that for memory cards are just outrageous but people like me have spent Money on them because we love the System (All I have is a 32GB Memory Card that I’ve had for years). The bigger ones are good for Digital Games because they tend to take up a good amount more of storage. So, with all the Game choices you get for the Vita, the type of Games there are (mostly indie Games), the amount of people who still play the Vita and the amount of money the Money Cards cost, is the question still the same? Is the PlayStation Vita Officially Dead?

The answer is still No.

Still No you say? Yes, No. The PlayStation Vita still finds ways to still draw a decent crowd and still sell Games, Memory Cards, and other Accessories that anyone needs if they have the Handheld. The communities on social media that have people posting about their Vitas and the Games and other cool stuff they have with it, are thriving and have a decent amount of members/followers. Also, there are people in towns and cities that meet at local establishments (malls, and others retail stores, etc) to play their Vitas with one another. You can connect with each other’s Vitas and play against each other in Games (I love playing my friends in FIFA). Or you can see if anyone is around you that also has one (I’ve seen a decent amount of people around me playing the Vita but it also depends on the type of area you live in). So, some people say “how is it that the Vita has all those things you can do, but it it isn’t that popular still?” That question is up to you.

It’s up YOU, the user. Everyone has their own opinions of the PlayStation Vita. The supprt it has, the users, the Games, Memory Cards, etc. Many people don’t like it and claim it failed. Many people do like it and say it is still alive and strong. Which leads me to my reason why I think the PlayStation Vita is still alive and doing well. And that is SUPPORT.

(Check images below for some images I’ve found on the web that suport the Vita)

The Support for the PlayStation Vita is unbelievable. Yes, many will say that is has more supper in Asia and Europe but the Support is still strong here in the U.S. From the meetings people have so they can meet up and play together or the online Communities, like Facebook, Twitter, etc, the Support for the PlayStation Vita is still strong. Many fans have a strong heart for the Vita and that is a strong reason why the Vita is still alive and doing well.

So, after reading all of this and seeing some basic reasons why the PlayStation Vita is still alive and kicking, do you think it is Officially Dead? Do you think it’ll continue to draw the crowd it draws and put out Games left and right? Again, like I said earlier that is all up to YOU.